From Ashes to Assets

$COAX is changing how we can solve real world environmental problems by using the power of the crypto community.
about CoalPhoenix DAO
How the Crypto Community Can Solve a Century Old Problem.
CoalPhoenix™ is an Investment DAO created to fund the first CoalMax™ Project through our $COAX token. This unique relationship is a giant step forward on how crypto entrepreneurs can make impactful change for our world.
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The Problem

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The Solution

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Turning Waste into profits
10% of Net Revenues from the 1st Coal Ash Site goes to $COAX Holder.
CoalPhoenix™ holds a revenue sharing license for the first CoalMax™ site. CoalMax is developing the logistics, cleanup and extraction business for the coal ash remediation, turning waste into profits through the sale of upcycled mineral commodities derived from coal ash.
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Working together to bring unique innovative technology to the world.
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