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CoalPhoenix™ is an Investment DAO that has committed to funding the commercialization and deployment of the CoalMax™ coal ash cleaning system. This cleaning technology has the opportunity to resolve the largest industrial waste problem of our time.

The fastest way to stem the tide of threatening industrial pollution and climate change is through private sector, for profit business such as CoalMax, driven by the CoalPhoenix Investor and the crypto community. The innovation needed to solve the unsolvable must come from the visionary entrepreneur, as all the greatest inventions in history have.

Our Mission

To use the power of the crypto community to help clean up the environment by investing in new technology that, for the first time, can clean up coal ash profitably and reward CoalPhoenix holders with substantial returns.


To become a leader in environmental restoration by cleaning up coal ash ponds and landfills and turning waste into profits through the sale of upcycled mineral commodities derived from coal ash.


Through a special licensing agreement, CoalPhoenix will provide capital to CoalMax and in return will receive 10% of net revenues from the first CoalMax job site.

The Problem: Coal Ash

Coal Ash is a Toxic Global Environmental Problem

Coal Ash is the residual waste byproduct of burned coal. It is incredibly toxic and second in volume only to municipal waste (trash) in the US. It contains arsenic, lead, and mercury that are known to cause cancer, developmental disorders, and reproductive issues.
1.3 Billion
Tons of Coal Ash
is Created Worldwide Annually
Utility companies struggle to find an economic way to safely get rid of coal ash
It is common to keep coal ash in large storage ponds. Many of these ponds leak contaminants.
Coal ash contains chemicals that cause cancer, developmental disorders and reproductive problems. It poisons our water and kills fish and wildlife.

How Coal Ash Ponds Contaminate Our Water & Air

It is common to keep coal ash in large storage pond. These ponds leak contaminants over time creating huge environmental risks, poisoning both water and people. Impact of Coal Ash Ponds spreads into groundwater which then containments neighboring, land, water, wells and more. In addition, coal ash is carried by the wind over long distances, contaminating the food chain and people.

global coal consumption

7.9 Billion Tons of Coal is Consumed Annually Around the Globe
Burning 6 tons of coal produces 1 ton of coal ash Averaging over 1.3 Billion tons of coal ash per year in global accumulation

US Coal ash deposit sites

1.5+ Billion Tons
of Unprocessed Coal Ash Stored in US
coal ash ponds and several hundred landfills in US
140 Million Tons 
New coal ash created in 2021 in the US
  • US burned more than 500 million tons of coal in 2021 creating more than 70 million tons of new coal ash that year alone from its 232 coal-power plants.
  • Coal ash ponds, or impoundments, often contain millions of tons of heavy-metal laden waste, spanning hundreds of acres.
  • Many hundreds of polluting coal ash sites around US will be closed in the next few years to comply with federal CCR regulations.
  • Almost all ash ponds are contaminating groundwater with toxins above levels that the U.S. EPA deems safe for drinking water.
US has more than 1.5 billion tons of unprocessed coal ash stored away in ponds and landfills, amount increases daily
Source: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)


Using Innovative Technology and Crypto Entrepreneurship to Rectify a Global Environmental Danger

CoalPhoenix™ is funding the first CoalMax™ job site to bring forward new innovative technology to help clean the environment. The CoalMax AMS (Ash Mastery System), the only technology that can cost effectively separate commercial grade raw materials from Coal Ash, making it possible to pay for coal ash cleanup while still profiting through the sale of the raw materials produced.
The CoalMax (AMS) grinds and separates coal ash, removing toxins and turning out high quality Aluminum Oxide, Iron Oxide and Silicon Oxide. All remaining toxins are instantaneously turned inert in the AMS process – no toxicity or residue in post AMS water.

profit in coal ash

CoalMax's total cost per ton of processed Coal Ash is approximately $38 per ton and the output value of readily marketable products is over $500.

environmental impact

The CoalMax AMS process uses very little energy and has zero emissions, all while reversing the world’s largest industrial waste..

The hidden value of coal ash

Coal Ash contains an abundance of valuable raw material including Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), Alumina (AI2O3), Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) and others.

Coal Ash Relative Composition

Circles represent mean concentrations for various fly ash samples, for example, SiO2 = 215,000 mg/kg. Trace elements in order of abundance: Ba, Sr, B, Mn, Zn, V, CR, As, Pb, Ni, Cu, Mo, TI, Be, U, Se, Sb, Cd, Hg.

SOURCE: Electric Power Research Institute

Too Strong for Conventional Methods

When coal is burned, the chemical bonds in the ash become far more concentrated than in raw coal. The bonds are extremely hardened and make any conventional bond breakup methods cost prohibitive.

For the first time in 100 years, the Coal Ash Dilemma is solved

Until now, it has been impossible to cost effectively breakup the hardened coal ash bonds created when coal is burned. CoalMax uses new unique technology that unlocks the bonds to create Alumina, Silica and Iron Oxide, sorted and ready to sell.
  • Approximately $38 per ton to process
  • Extracts valuable resources to be used
  • Creates clean water
  • Zero CO2 Emissions
  • Uses very little energy
Alumina (AI2O3)
% Extracted per ton of coal ash:
CoalPhoenix will be able to deliver high valued Smelter Grade Alumina (SGA) with no need for further refining.
MP: $370 USD per ton
Silica Sand (SiO2) 
% Extracted per ton of coal ash: 
CoalPhoenix will deliver certified Silica Sand and with further calibrating CoalPhoenix hopes to reach Refined Silica Sand Quality*.
MP: $50-$350 USD per ton (price is quality dependent)
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) 
% Extracted per ton of coal ash: 
CoalPhoenix will deliver high quality iron oxide.
MP: $680-890 USD per ton

benefits beyond profits


An important byproduct of the CoalPhoenix process is clean water. Water will be returned to ponds and/or rivers appropriate location after the complete excavation and removal of coal ash.

ALumina market

2021 Global Production: 141 million tons

Expected CAGR to 2026: 5% (2021-26)

Current Market Price: $370 per ton

(lowest price in last 10 years was $198 in 2016)

Alumina market is driven mainly by the demand for aluminum, which again is driven by megatrends like:

  • Rapid urbanization (building activity)
  • Carbon-neutrality targets which will boost demand from the new energy vehicles
  • Technological breakthroughs where aluminum is envisaged to play a key role

Traditional Process

Alumina is traditionally produced from bauxite, an ore that is mined in tropical and subtropical regions.
2 tons Bauxite
1.6 tons
1.25 MW
of power
1 ton Alumina
CoalMax uses coal ash to produce alumina, cleaning up ash and using very little energy and emitting no CO2.
5 tons Coal Ash
.025 MW
of power
1 ton Alumina
In a year, a full operational, 11-line CoalMax plant extracting Alumina will,
103 MW of power and 135,000 tons CO2 will be saved
compared to using traditional process.

How it works

CoalMax AMS (Ash Mastery System) - Technical Process

1. Pre-Treatment

Coal ash is milled to a small consistent size. Coal Ash is then mixed with water into 50/50 slurry. (2 tons of ash slurry = 1 ton of coal ash)

2. MTU 1 & 2 Processing

The CoalMax™ Main Technical Unit (MTU) breaks free the physical properties of the “glass” bonds in coal ash by using an innovative proprietary mechanism of electro-mechanical acoustic cavitation energy to separate the contents into smaller particles.

The MTU can define how to alter the physical properties through proprietary calibrations with the CoalMax material algorithm and particle reader.

Coal ash is reduced in size by 90% when passes through each MTU. For example a 500 micron element will be reduced to 50 microns and then to 5 microns.

3. Sorting

Alumina, Silica and Iron-Oxide are separated by filters targeting each product.

Clean water is filtered out as well as inert residue.

4. Product Preparation

Silica and Iron-Oxide are packaged and palleted.

5. MTU 3 (SGA Refining)

AI2O3 is sent to MTU 3 to be processed to 99% SGA (smelter grade alumina).

Alumina is dried, packaged and palleted.

CoalMax Employs Best Available Dredging Equipment for High Volume Processing

Coal Ash Slurries require special handling when transporting coal ash from ponds to CoalMax Reservoir. It is critical that the pond liner is protected during dredging to avoid shutdowns and reduce the risk of leakage from ash ponds

Liner-Safe Dredging
CoalMax will use the most advanced and reliable dredging equipment on the market to bring the Coal Ash Slurry to begin processing, ensuring maximum pumping capacity and equipment uptime.

Our Evacuator Dredges are liner-safe so as not to destroy the containment liner while dredging out the coal ash sludge and feeding it into the CoalMax System.

CoalPhoenix™ License Agreement with COALMAX™ 

This special licensing agreement is a giant step forward on how crypto entrepreneurs can make impactful change for our world.
CoalPhoenix has been granted a special licensing agreement that will pay CoalPhoenix 10% of net revenues from the 1st CoalMax Coal Ash Site.
CoalPhoenix will raise an estimated $4-6 million through sales of its $COAX token for CoalMax to use for its test site and its 1st Coal Ash Processing Site. In exchange CoalMax will pay 10% of net revenue from this first coal ash site to CoalPhoenix Investment DAO ($COAX).
coal ash site 1
Net Revenues*

Coal Ash Processed at Site 1
CoalMax plans on processing an estimated 1 Million tons of coal ash in its first 5 years at its first CoalMax site.

Potential Payout
In the first 5 years of operation, CoalPhoenix estimates that the potential payout could be $23Million. When the processing of purified SiO2 and purified FeO3 is added to the site this could add an additional payout of $20Million per year.

Environmental Impact
In the first 5 years, CoalMax processing compared to traditional alumina processing could save over 370K tons of CO2 and save 286K MW of energy for alumina production alone.


CoalMax Execution plan begins in Phase 1 with test site in 2022. *Tons indicated in each phase are an estimate of annual coal ash recycling capacity.
  • PHASE 1
    Application Verification
    1 Line
    Construction, testing and output verification of CoalMax line. Target to recycle coal ash with first line at site in Q1 2023.
    PHASE 2
    Commercial Operations & Verficiation
    1st Coal Ash Pond Site
    11 Lines
    385,000 Tons*
    Commercial operations of installed line at CoalMax 1st coal ash deposit location. Training of operations personnel and performance verification of line. Construction of additional 2 x 5 lines.
  • PHASE 3
    Expand Sio2 refining Capability
    1st Coal Ash Pond Site
    11 Lines
    385,000 Tons*
    Installation of NEW SiO2 refining capabilities. Completing testing of purification and upgrading system dramatically improve economics. Raises sales price from $50 to $350 per ton. Increases revenue with additional $48 million.
    PHASE 4
    Additional New sites with existing partner
    1st Coal Ash Pond Site
    11 Lines
    385,000 Tons*
    Installation of NEW Fe2O3 refining capabilities. Completing testing of purification and upgrading system dramatically improve economics. Raises sales price from $600 to $10,000 per ton. Increases revenue with an additional $145 million.
  • PHASE 5
    US expansion With regional structure
    1st Coal Ash Pond Site
    20 Lines
    700,000 Tons*
    Expand with new additional capacity at site. Deployment of 10 additional lines.
    Planning team hired to develop the global expansion partner structure implemented.
    PHASE 6
    >10 Sites
    >500 Lines
    XX Million Tons*
    Global expansion to coal-based economies through local partner structure.

coalphoenix Investment DAO

CoalPhoenix is setup as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the mission to become a global leader in environmental restoration while rewarding our holders with substantial returns.

CoalPhoenix Investment DAO Token ($COAX)

$COAX is an investment token that serves as the main mechanism of the DAO. The function of the token is to provide capital to CoalPhoenix.
10% of the NET REVENUE from the first CoalMax Site will go to $COAX per licensing agreement.

1. distributions

$COAX holders receive distributions from the revenue earned through the licensing agreement with CoalMax. Distributions will be paid pro rata to every $COAX holder. 

2. Transparency

DAO lowers risk to investors by offering full transparency and empowering holders with certain decision making.

3. Community

To make a real positive difference for our planet, we must think differently. CoalPhoenix Investment DAO members will create a community of like-minded people who will spread the word of doing good for our planet.

DAO Structure

CoalPhoenix is setup as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the mission to become a global leader in environmental restoration while rewarding our holders with substantial returns.

Project Team
Developed CoalPhoenix project. Is responsible to liaison between CoalMax and the DAO community.

Community appointed treasurer to administrate the treasury function for the DAO. Execution by multi-signature wallet.

Crypto Tech Team
Our expert crypto team is responsible for Smart contracts, NFTS, DApp development, listings and community management.

Governance Team
Community elected team who manages the governance proposals and voting.


Deployment Date: July 29, 2022
Token: CoalPhoenix (COAX)
Network: BNB Chain
Total Supply: 567 million

token Issuance / distribution

60% (340 Million Tokens)

Sale of these tokens used to fund proof of concept and first commercial line

Soft Cap: $4M
Hard Cap: $6M

Sale Type
Sale Date
# tokens
Price per token
Private Sale
Token Sale
July 29, 2022
Token Sale II
40% (227 Million Tokens)

These tokens will be used for:

  • Team
  • R&D
  • Wolf Certification
  • Legal / Compliance
  • Operations / Dev
  • Advisors
  • Marketing
  • Reserve
  • DEX Liquidity reserve
  • Cross Chain liquidity reserve
  • Listing Fees


The CoalPhoenix DAO community will vote for the expansion of capacity/capabilities/further investments, entry into other markets, general capacity growth


Wolf Certification Due Diligence Report Completed July 13, 2022 and scored 62 out of 72, earning an overall low risk designation. Learn more and download. the report: https://wolfworks.io/wolf-certification/


Low production costs, combined with in-demand commodities, CoalPhoenix makes cleaning up the planet profitable

Potential Profitability per Ton

For each ton of coal ash processed, there is significant room for profit. Over time, production costs will decrease**.
Market Price
per ton
% Extracted
per ton**
Market Value
per ton of coal ash
Silica Sand
Iron Oxide
*With further testing and calibrating CoalPhoenix hopes to reach Refined Silica Sand Quality (99% SiO2). Refined Silica Sand has a market price of $350 to $500 per ton.
** Extracted per ton: average of the %-content of each component described in section "CoalMax Unlocks Valuable Materials from Coal Ash"


10% of the NET REVENUE from 1st Site go to $COAX
2025 Target
Coal Ash Processed: 360,000 tons
Projected Revenue: $59.1M USD
2025 $COAX payout
$5.91M USD
2026 Target
Coal Ash Processed: 385,000 tons
Projected Revenue: $62.9M USD
2026 $COAX payout
$6.29M USD

Financials - Forecast

Financial Model Assumptions

  • Lines deployed according to execution plan
  • 80% uptime of lines from year 2
  • Capex per unit
    • 1 set of Drying, packaging and palletizing equipment per 2 CoalMax lines
    • Receiving fee of 5USD/ton coal ash processed. Could increase to $30-50
  • Alumina price 370 USD/ton (Current market price)
  • Silica Sand price 50 USD/ton (Potential to upgrade to $350)
  • Iron Oxide price 680 USD/ton (Potential to upgrade to $10,000)
  • Subbituminous coal ash processed


Phase 1: Public Reveal (complete)

Secure key partnerships
Finalize Logo & Branding
Launch Discord Server
Launch Telegram Channels (announcement & group chat)
Launch Website (coalphoenix.io)
Launch Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
Launch Snapshot off-chain voting page
Release Whitepaper / Litepaper
Release Roadmap
Team members doxed and announced publicly

Phase 2: Launch (current phase)

$COAX token smart contract deployed to BSC mainnet (Binance Smart Chain)
$COAX DAO treasury deployed to BSC mainnet (Binance Smart Chain)
Smart contract audit (Wolf Certification by wLiti DAO)
Acquire insurance (Wolf Certification by wLiti DAO)
Conduct private sale (for larger investors or key partners, 12m lockup | 8% unlocked monthly | $250K Max | $50K Min)
Conduct token sale (6m lockup | 10% upfront | 15% unlocked monthly | $25,000 Max | $100 Min)
$COAX listed on DEX (Pancake Swap)
$COAX bscscan.com details added
$COAX listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
Early supporter NFT airdropped to all $COAX holders
Grow to 1,000+ unique $COAX holders
Announce the location and details of the first plant

Phase 3: Token Sale II

Conduct public sale with remaining supply (6m lockup | 10% upfront | 15% unlocked monthly | $3,000 Max | $100 Min)
Add $COAX merchandise page to coalphoenix.io (hats, shirts, hoodies, accessories, etc.) and have proceeds go to $COAX’s treasury
Grow to 2,000 unique $COAX holders
First Snapshot proposal vote
Launch on-chain voting for $COAX DAO
$COAX translated to other major languages
Secure additional key partnerships in and outside of Web 3.0
All public and whitelisted private sale tokens unlocked
Begin buildout of the first process line (Q1 2023 construction, testing, and verification)
Delivery of the first commercial production line with a 35,000 Tons annual capacity.
Complete site preparation of the first plant to receive the verified processing line
First commercial sale of output
A documentary film crew will follow the project and will be released after commissioning

Phase 4: Growth

Grow to 5,000 unique $COAX holders
Secure additional key partnerships in and outside of Web 3.0
$COAX listed on a reputable CEX
Profits going to $COAX’s treasury from 10% licensing fee
First distribution from $COAX’s treasury to $COAX holders in the form of USDC
Begin construction of additional 5 + 5 lines
Process capacity of 35,000 Tons
All large private sale tokens unlocked

Phase 5: Expansion

Grow to 10,000 unique $COAX holders
Secure additional key partnerships in and outside of Web 3.0
$COAX listed on additional reputable CEXs
Begin construction of additional lines
Expand to another site
Expand to more sites across the US
Expand globally to other coal-based economies
Process capacity of 385,000 Tons to several millions of Tons
CoalPhoenix has been certified and insured by Wolf Works. Learn more here.
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